Voigtländer Perkeo I

Roughly about a month ago I browsed around the antiquity market that was arranged in the old part of town in the city I live in. When strolling around, keeping an eye out for anything that could interest me, I found a vendor selling some old cameras and other vintage stuff. He wanted to sell me the whole lot of cameras he had, mostly some old folder cameras from the 20s or 30s, but I was only intrested in a Voigtländer Perkeo that he had. I did a quick check of the shutter speeds and optics (vaskar). The sellers asking price was 100sek (US$ 12), which I of course paid.

At home, after some extensive testing, I found out that the double exposure prevention mechanism would some times jam. After some googling I realised that it is a common issue with this camera, and also an issue that is easy to rectify. Either you can remove the problematic mechanism all together or re-lube and re-adjust it. I opted for the latter. After some lubing and bending I got it to work. While the top was off I also cleaned the viewfinder.

It is really a tiny 6×6 camera! The fun part is that the camera was named in a very different era, an era where political correctness was not given much thought. It is in fact named after the famous court dwarf Perkeo of Heidelberg. It simply would not happen today. It would be like Sony naming a tiny camera “Sony Wee-Man I”.



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