Rolleiflex Service

I recently got my Rolleiflex back from service. It had some oil on the shutter blades and a tendency to get stuck open when it was cold outside. There was also an issue with the depth of field scale that needed to be corrected. The service was performed by Jonas Vikström at Analoga kameror Stockholm, … More Rolleiflex Service

Rolleiflex Strap

So the strap for my Rolleiflex has now come to the end of its usability, and could probably snap at any minute now. This is something that is too familiar for owners of rolleiflex cameras, and there are also a lot of horror stories out on the forums from owners that have not updated their … More Rolleiflex Strap

Olympus Trip 35

A while back I got my hands on an old Olympus Trip 35. I actually found it in the electronics recycle bin, at the area for household waste, in the apartment complex I live in. I am usually not a dumpster diver, but this camera was just sitting there on top of a pile of … More Olympus Trip 35